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Combining creative thinking and market honed expertise with a thorough knowledge of development applications, Xeneca is your trusted resource for the solution to your requirements.

We have in-depth software development experience in:
SolidWorks API
Microsoft Excel VBA
Microsoft Visio VBA & ShapeStudio
Visual Basic
L.A.M.P. (Linux Apache MySQL and PHP) System setup & integration
MySQL Database Development
Data Analysis and Dashboarding

The application of our expertise to streamline your operations or to meet a specific need is wide-ranging. For repetitive design or development routines for example, Xeneca can automate the process for you, ultimately saving valuable time and resources that can be better applied elsewhere. Since Xeneca's background is of an Engineering base, Xeneca provides comprehensive solutions for automation of the 3D parametric CAD application - SolidWorks.

Xeneca can provide end user experiences for the desktop, DVD or web, no matter what the parameters may be.  
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X-File Utility

X-Files is a SolidWorks® - Pack n’ Go, find references or Cloning Utility. During the development process, you are sometimes required to work remotely or clone a current set of models to make a new design iteration. This requires you to take a copy of the current models. Prior to the availability of X-Files there was no sure way to know that you had obtained a copy of all referenced documents:- Parts, Sub assemblies and Drawings.

Many users found that by using current techniques, not all referenced documents were copied and when they opened the new documents remotely or started working with the new files, they were polluting their existing models due to the referenced links not being updated from the original files to the new models.

X-Files is the answer to this problem! How to operate X-Files:
1. Start with SolidWorks® running and the model item you would like to copy/ clone open
2. Click on the X-Files button
3. Press the browse button and specify the destination directory,
4. Choose whether to copy drawings and
5. Press enter

X-Files will make a list of all referenced documents, then if drawings is selected, open each drawing in the current working directory to check its list of references against the referenced document list, if any drawing referenced files match then the drawing will also be copied to the destination directory along with the previously listed parts and sub-assemblies. X-Files has been extensively tested on SolidWorks® versions 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006.

Custom Property Editor

Used for updating or adding further content to your SolidWorks files.

Unique Filename Generator

When moving to PDM based systems unique file names are a must, this utility generates and adds a prefix to your SolidWorks filename.

Material Cost Estimator

When you need to estimate the manufacture and material cost of a part.
Once the material cost has been estimated, the value is saved as a custom property within the part allowing the retrieval within a drawing BOM.

SaveAs PDF using Custom Properties

Two Versions are available:
PDF_Drawing: Creates the PDF file in the same directory as the drawing file using custom properties from the Drawing.

PDF_Model: Creates the PDF file in the same directory as the drawing file using custom properties obtained from the root model (part or assembly) of a selected view in the Drawing.

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